World Heritage list Bareilly ki holi

Do you Know Bareilly Rambarat is in World heritage list. Dussehra is remembered as soon as Ramlila is mentioned because Ramlila starts eight to ten days before Dussehra. But Ramlila is also organized in Falgun in Bareilly. This is the only Ramlila in the country to be held on the occasion of Holi. This historic Ramlila has been happening continuously for the last 157 years in Badi Bamanpuri locality. The Uttar Pradesh government has preserved this Ramlila. This time is the 158th year of Ramlila and Ramlila will be organized from 23 February to 13 March.

Beti Bachao and Beti Padhao message

Ramlila to be held on the occasion of Holi started with Jhandi Yatra on 23rd February, this time the message of Beti Bachao and Beti Padhao will be given in Ramlila. Along with this, an appeal will also be made to the people to keep the city clean. During Ramlila, a day before Holi, a famous Ram procession is also organized, in which the group of horiyars roams all over the city.

Ramlila is an example of mutual brotherhood

This Ramlila, which takes place on Holi, is also considered a symbol of Hindu-Muslim unity. This Ramlila was started in 1861. But in between the British tried to stop the staging of this Ramlila. Then religious leader Ala Hazrat had argued in the court and got Ramlila started again. Since then this Ramlila has remained an example of mutual brotherhood. Under this Ramlila, a day before Holi, a huge Ram procession takes place in the city, which is also welcomed by Muslims at the place. When the Ram procession comes out from across the city, the people of the Muslim community shower flowers on them.

Ramlila is a world heritage

UNESCO declared this Ramlila as a World Heritage in 2015. Since then, the Culture Department of the Government of Uttar Pradesh has started giving one lakh rupees to the committee for the protection of Ramlila.

World Heitage List mei Ram Barat - Ramlila bareilly
World Heitage List mei Ram Barat – Ramlila bareilly

Staged at different places

The special thing about this Ramlila is that different episodes of this Ramlila are also staged in different localities. Committee chairman Munish Sharma told that different episodes are staged at different places in Leela. Shabri Leela takes place in Chatori Gali, Agastya Muni Leela in Agastya Muni Ashram, Kewat Samvad in Leela Sahukara, Meghnath Yagya at Vamanpuri Square, Lankadahan at Malukpur Square, Angad-Ravan dialogue in front of Shahji’s Garden. All other episodes are staged at the Narsingh temple gate.

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