Bareilly Development Authority intends to set up a transport city, has now taken the path of strictness if the result of all the efforts, discussions, negotiations and delays remains the same. Buying a plot just for investment in TP nagar started breaking the sleep of those who forgot. BDA has issued notice to all the allottees to cancel the allotment of their plots if they do not settle in Transport Nagar within 15 days. There are 250 to 300 such allottees to whom notices have been issued.

Transport Nagar Bareilly scheme was started by BDA in the year 2001-02. Then many people applied for plots, but in the last 20, 21 years it is lying as vacant plots. Efforts were made many times from the administration and authority to settle TP Nagar but without success. The authority also started construction of roads in Transport Nagar at a cost of 15 to 20 crores to facilitate the transporters.

Transport Nagar Bareilly TP Nagar
Transport Nagar Bareilly TP Nagar

Banned the movement of trucks but did not come into effect

All kinds of restrictions were imposed on the movement of trucks in the city trapped in the jam. Many efforts have been made to improve the traffic system. Despite this, the movement of heavy overloaded vehicles did not stop in the city. This is the reason why the roads of the city are facing jam.

Only 59 approved maps

BDA had allotted plots to 26 out of 97 mechanics for applying for mechanics by setting up camps. However, out of 745 allottees with large plots, more than 80 per cent did not get the construction done. An exercise was made to issue maps through the camps. Despite this, only 59 have issued plot maps.

Notices issued to allottees, plots will be canceled

Bareilly Development Authority is constructing roads to facilitate transporters in Transport Nagar. All kinds of facilities are being provided there. Even after this they are not coming here. The authority has taken action of notice for cancellation of their plot.

Joginder Singh, Vice Chairman BDA

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