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Smart city bareilly Effect – Don’t inflation a loot and get ready to pay a lump sum of 15 crores . This amount is of those challans which were cut off without knowing which way and you did not even know. The number of people whose challans have been cut is also not small but more than one and a half lakhs. The data of these challans has been saved on the server. It is yet to collect the fine by sending challans to the people. Maximum Challen at Circuit House Choraha , Civil Line Smart City Bareilly

People in the city who had this illusion that an Integrated Command and Control Center (I Triple C) has been set up at their facilities at a cost of Rs 166 crore under the Smart City Mission, may start clearing the haze in the next few days. . Traffic rules will be strictly enforced on the public and problems like encroachment, jams, broken roads will not be the accountability of the officers as before. There can be no better hallmark of this than this that within the last four days without any prior information, 1.5 lakh challans have been fixed at ten places in the city and a fine of about 15 crores has been fixed on them.

Now the pressure on the police… recover the money

Under the I-Triple C project, it was claimed by installing smart traffic lights and sensored cameras across the city that the city’s traffic system would improve after this project was started. People stuck in jams at intersections every day know better how better the traffic system is. On rectifying the situation, neither the Municipal Corporation nor the traffic police did any work, suddenly they started deducting challans. From April 4, Triple C started collecting data of traffic violators and storing them on the server. From April 4 to 7, 1.5 lakh challans were made. After this, the police have to recover the amount of fine, but due to non-agreement of the SSP, there is an atmosphere of confusion and at present the challans have not been issued.

Don’t be shocked… the minimum fine is one thousand rupees

It is being told that these challans have been done for violation of traffic rules like driving without helmet and seat belt, over speeding, jumping traffic lights, parking at zebra crossing. The minimum amount of challan is one thousand rupees. It is also possible that a person passing through the same route several times in a day had multiple challans, so it is difficult to estimate how much money would come out of a person’s pocket if these challans were issued. The maximum cases of violation of traffic rules are from the satellite intersection and then the circuit house intersection. It is believed that not only will the common people be in abundance in this, it is possible that the vehicles of officials and public representatives have also come under the scanner.

… here the system is free from all responsibility

1- No work was done on the problems of non-clearance of zebra crossing, stop line and left turn at any signal in the city. The traffic police had also attracted the attention of smart city officials in this regard.

2- The city is full of tempo, auto and e-rickshaw manifold by the standards. Apart from this, heavy vehicles like Duggar trains and bus-trucks also have bases in the city. Because of these, there is jam and people are trapped. Vehicle unions claim that police and RTO people take weeks from illegal vehicles, that is why no work is done on this problem.

3- There is rampant encroachment on every road in the city. Illegal markets and shops are strewn all over the roads. It is said that these illegal businesses run under the protection of the municipal staff, that’s why no action is taken despite the traffic being badly affected.

4- The condition of the dividers on major roads is bad and they are not even fitted with reflectors. Because of this, accidents happen frequently in the city. From Christian’s culvert to Chaupula, through the outpost crossroads, the dip rose up to six inches from the road on which accidents often take place.

5- Many old roads are not only broken, recently due to commissioning, newly built roads have also been badly uprooted. The smart city company is not ready to build the five roads which were built by Jal Nigam a short time back and they got uprooted soon after. No officer or public representative has even taken the initiative to conduct an inquiry in this matter.

when how many invoices in Bareilly

April 04: 39 thousand
05 April: 37 thousand
April 06: 43 thousand
07 April : 39 thousand

Officer confused by the arbitrariness of the company

It is being told that the company monitoring the traffic lights, without informing the officers, submitted the data of the vehicles for challan and uploaded it on the server. Now the police have to complete the process of sending challans to these people. Invoices will be issued with a single click. The officers are confused as to how to issue challans to so many people at once. The second problem is that the data of the vehicles uploaded on the server cannot be deleted. Because of this everyone is in a state of confusion.

The process of invoicing cannot be started without any prior notice. This has been done wrong, after talking to the officers about it, we will get the problem resolved. The public will not be allowed to be disturbed. Umesh Gautam, Mayor , Bareilly City

It has come to my knowledge to collect data of 1.5 lakh vehicles in four days. Challans cannot be issued to so many people at once and the arrangements for operation of traffic lights are not yet complete. This will be discussed with the Municipal Commissioner. – Rohit Singh Sajwan, SSP Bareilly

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