Bareilly City Metro

The dream of the residents of the Bareilly district to travel at a high speed has once again become hopeful. Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath has announced to run Metro Light or Metro Neo train in Bareilly. For this, he has talked about preparing a detailed project report (DPR) along with conducting a pre-feasibility study in six months. This brings happiness to the people of the district.

Yogi Adityanath’s first government had talked about running a metro train in Bareilly in September 2017. At that time, the Finance Minister of the Yogi government, Rajesh Agarwal, prepared the entire draft and sent it to the government. about 117 km long metro rail track in the city was drawn. The dream of that time remained in the papers only.

On the basis of the same suggestion and proposal, before the assembly elections, BJP included this proposal prominently in its resolution letter. The Chief Minister has announced this on Tuesday. Now in six months, the officials have to see the pre-feasibility of metro lights in the city and prepare the DPR of the entire project.

Bareilly Metro
Light Metro Line in Bareilly – Route decided

The distance in the city will end , the localities will be connected: Medical college, degree college, industrial area and all the localities and colonies of the city will be connected with the metro track. With this, people are expected to get smooth traffic to go to government offices, industrial areas, hospitals, medical colleges and markets. People will have to use private vehicles less.

Benefit will be in the city closer to Uttarakhand:

Bareilly City is very close to Uttarakhand and between Delhi and Lucknow . It is also easy to reach Nainital, Corbett National Park, Pilibhit Tiger Reserve from here. Bareilly is well connected by Air Traffic . It is also a major trading center for the districts of Badaun, Pilibhit, Shahjahanpur of the Mandal. Because of this, people from nearby cities often reach here. Having the facility of light metro will make them easier.

Bareilly Metro Three coaches
Bareilly Metro – 3 Coach Metro

What is Light Metro:

The Metro Rail project reduces the construction cost of Light Metro. The cost of metro rail construction is Rs 200 to 215 crore per km, while the cost of construction of light metro comes to Rs 120 to 125 crore. Its tracks are less wide and have fewer compartments. Stations and platforms are also smaller. Light Metro is very effective in providing better traffic facilities in smaller cities. 3 coaches are used in Metro Lite, in which about 300 people can travel. The corridor of this metro is on the ground parallel to the road and the station is like a bus stand.

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