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The construction of Bareilly IT Park on two acres of land of ITR Factory, which was closed for years, is about to start soon. The construction will take about two years, after which the way will be cleared for thousands of youth to get the gift of jobs here and it will boost the economy of bareilly also . it is expected that many real estate company might start new Projects in Bareilly to meet the housing demand . During the interactive meet of Industries and Startups on Friday, Bhuvnesh Kumar, Joint Secretary in the Ministry of IT expressed this hope. Bhuvnesh has also been the DM of Bareilly.

The Software Technology Park of India (STPI) has been entrusted with the responsibility of developing Bareilly IT Park . The approval of the state government has been received for the construction. Awaiting approval from Government of India. A five-storey IT park will be built at a cost of about Rs 20 crore on about eight thousand square meters of the closed ITR factory Bareilly . During the interactive meet, the Joint Secretary indicated that approval could also be obtained from the Central Government soon. According to Rajesh Gupta, President of Central UP Chamber of Commerce and Industry Society, the land has been registered in the name of the state government with a budget of ten crores.


Discussions were held with the Joint Secretary regarding the expansion of bareilly IT Park in future. It was suggested to register two more acres of land in the name of the State Government from now on as the land price in Bareilly is low and it is expected to increase further. Project should not remain confined in future due to increase in prices. This has also been agreed upon. ATPI has expressed the hope of increasing the floor of the building if the land is not available due to some reasons.

Common people will also be able to book tables at the lowest rate

Rajesh Gupta said that in the conversation with the officials, he has informed the common people about the facility to use the IT Park. There will be tables in this which will be available at the lowest rates. People will be able to use high speed net here. Entrepreneurs who wish to set up a startup can reserve a table for daily use by paying a fixed price. Information has also been given to contact 12 startups for setting up projects in Bareilly. By the time it starts, more than two dozen startups are said to be involved.

Annual migration of three thousand IT students will stop

According to the information provided by the entrepreneurs to STPI, every year about three thousand students pass out from the Engineering Institute of Bareilly and go to other states for employment. Expressed hope of curtailing annual migration after the construction of IT Park. Along with this, it has also been said that a large number of employment will be provided to the youth through startups. To stop the migration of skilled youth, it is very important to build an IT park in Bareilly. It is expected that exports worth crores will happen only two years after the start of the IT Park.

IT Park is designed for firms

Explain that like an industrial park, an IT park is also an area where buildings and facilities are designed for housing, information science and technology related firms that provide excellent information and technology infrastructure. Better infrastructure will be available in IT Park. Also, there is a technology environment available to companies. All types of facilities related to the need of IT companies will be available in the park. IT Park is proposed in a five-storey proposed building in Bareilly.

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