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Want to know about Alakhnath Mandir Bareilly –  District Bareilly is situated between the country’s capital Delhi and Uttar Pradesh’s capital Lucknow. Bareilly is also known as Nath nagari. Alakhnath Temple is counted among the best places of religious importance in Bareilly. Let us tell you that the Alakhnath temple is an ancient temple of the Nagas, which is operated by Anand Akhara. Alakhnath Temple is the place of devotion for Naga Sadhus. Let us introduce you to all the features of this ancient temple today.

Alakhnath Temple is special

Alakhnath shrine has its own importance, although there is an influx of devotees every day, but in the month of Shravan, there is a line of devotees for several kilometers. Lord Shiva is specially worshiped here. This is the favourite place of Shiva devotees in Bareilly. A unique aspect of this mandir is that it is never closed. The temple is always open.


History is a thousand years old – Alakhnath Mandir Bareilly

It is said that this temple was built about a thousand years ago to protect the religion. Hundreds of years ago the old temple has a mythological and Vedic history of its own. Mahant Kalu Giri Maharaj told that Baba Alakhia was sent to Bareilly on behalf of Shri Taponidhi Panchayati Anand Akhara.

Everyone is aware of the fame of Baba Alakhnath, Baba Alakhia had done severe penance here for years, regardless of all the seasons. He had meditated on Lord Shiva while establishing Shivling at this shrine. Today, this religious place is also considered as the work place of Naga sadhus. This shrine is situated in an area of ​​84 bighas. The idol is attached. Along with this, the temple of Lord Shani Dev is also situated in the form of Shani Shingnapur upon entering. Not only is there a Panch mukhi Hanuman temple here, as well as the Navagraha temple is also established. Naga Sadhus can be seen here immersed in devotion. Every time there is a movement of sadhus from all over the country.

Sadhu-Mahatma remain engrossed in the devotion of Lord Shiva

People who know closely about Naga sadhus from all over the state also come here and do religious rituals and worship here. Kalu Maharaj says that so far there have been many mahants in the Alakhnath temple at different times. Those mahants have always worked for the interest of the country and society.

Alakhnath Mandir entrance gate

The wish was fulfilled by Performing Jalabhishek.

Mahant Kalu Giri Maharaj of Alakhnath temple told that since centuries devotees have unwavering faith in this religious place. They tell that by coming here to do Jalabhishek, meditating on Shivling, the welfare of the devotees gets done. All their obstacles are removed and their wishes are fulfilled. He told that the history of this place is hundreds of years old. People from far and wide come here to worship. Sadhus and Mahatmas come here all the time. He told that all the deities including Lord Shiva are worshiped every day according to the law.

There is also special worship of Lord Surya

Lord Surya is also seated in the temple. He told that the Maha Kumbh is about to take place, in such a situation, Naga Sadhus and all other Sadhus and Mahatmas will move to Haridwar in large numbers. He told that hundreds of sadhus from the temple along with Lord Surya and his entire court have to go for a royal bath in Haridwar Kumbh Mela. Nowadays preparations are going on. There is also a hundreds of years old tree in this complex, whose hair is a proof of its antiquity.

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